Connect-UV Founder Speaks Before House Commerce Committee

On Tuesday, March 22, Connect-UV Founder Nic Brown addressed the Arizona State House Commerce Committee. Nic was the first of several young entrepreneurs who shared their stories of innovation and hard work with the committee that morning.

The idea for having young entrepreneurs speak to the committee came from Chairman Jeff Weninger when he met Nic at the Connect-UV toy drive in December. Weninger’s business, Floridito’s was one of the sponsors of the event.

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Using Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) funding to provide clean air.

As schools continue to operate in person during the ongoing COVID pandemic, public and private schools have access to grant money to assist them with COVID response and relief. These programs can be difficult to navigate, but also provide big windfalls to help schools keep students and staff safe.

EANS is a $2.75 billion dollar pot designed to help private schools retrofit. Of that, Arizona will receive $110 million to provide to non-public schools to support COVID-19 recovery efforts.

What activities are eligible for EANS funding?

EANS is to help provide supplies to sanitize, disinfect, and clean school facilities, PPE, portable air purification system, physical barriers to facilitate social distances, COVID testing support, and other materials, supplies or equipment recommended by the CDC.

EANS I funding provided coverage for all eligible charges related to COVID safety, testing and mitigation measures from March 2020-Sept 2021. The second phase, EANS II funding still covers reimbursement for the amended eligible charges and provides funding for planned COVID related spending through Sept 2023, or when funding is exhausted. Some activities that were covered under EANS I are no longer covered.

“In the first round of EANS funding, private schools could use the funding for capital improvements such as ventilation system upgrades or even replacing windows.” Says Tom Mitchell, “These improvements are no longer supported. Private schools may be in for a shock if they submit for reimbursement without educating themselves on the criteria. Working with a vendor who is informed on EANS II funding, such as Connect-UV, can help make the process simpler.”

How can Connect-UV Help My School?

Connect-UV provides two lines of EANS-funding eligible products: UV-C air purifiers and UV-C room disinfectors. These products can:

  • Destroy the COVID virus
  • Reduce allergies
  • Protect staff and students from other airborne contaminants
  • Cut down on cleaning time
  • Reduce use of toxic/corrosive cleaning chemicals
  • Be an attractive selling point to current and potential families


Connect-UV’s air purifiers combine trusted HEPA filtration with UV-C sterilization. Our purifiers capture and kill the COVID virus, ensuring that no potentially dangerous particles are released into the air during filter changes, or after the purifier is turned off. Our air purifiers are attractive to schools as they are:

  1. Available in three sizes, saving costs and electricity
  2. Portability allows units to be moved to spaces where they are needed
  3. In addition to filtering COVID, purification systems also reduce dust, mold, pollen, smoke, and other sources of indoor air pollution

Our air purifiers also come in three sizes useful for private schools:

  1. Auto Air is a mobile air purifier perfect for school transportation vehicles
  2. Air Purifier Pro 500 purifies up to 557sq ft, making it ideal for classrooms
  3. Air Purifier Pro 5000 purifies up to 5,000 sq ft, making it ideal for gymnasiums, cafeterias and auditoriums, spaces were masking and distancing is often difficult to maintain.

Sanitation and disinfecting are other areas where Connect-UV can assist private schools. Janitorial staff have been among the unsung heroes of the pandemic. Working double time to keep facilities clean for students and staff, and exposing themselves to corrosive chemicals, and possibly contaminated surfaces in the process. Sanitizing more quickly and more safely can make janitorial staff more efficient and reduce their exposure.

Passive room sanitizers work by emitting powerful, germ-killing UV-C light in empty rooms. How they work:

  1. Janitorial staff set up a room sanitizer and leave
  2. The unit is activated either by a timer or a remote control
  3. The UV-C lights destroy any microorganisms within the light’s reach
  4. When done, or interrupted by movement, the lights shut off, so they can be safely moved to the next space

With passive room sanitizers, janitorial staff can sanitize rooms before they clean, or can move them around campus on recess/lunch breaks or other time when spaces are empty. The sanitizers kill germs in the air and on surfaces up to 10 feet from the units, making them ideal for classrooms.

How to Apply for EANs funding?

Connect-UV is here to assist with the registration in the Arizona EANs portal, and submission of invoices for reimbursement. Our experience with providing EANS-eligible items to Arizona private schools makes us versed in the process of ensuring you are reimbursed for your Connect-UV purchases.

Have questions on how Connect-UV and EANs can benefit your private school? Contact Tom at Tom@ConnectUV.com.

Calling all teachers- we want to give your classroom a multi-function sanitizing station

We cannot thank teachers enough for all that they do for our kids. As another pandemic-age school year begins, your safety and the safety of your students is top of our mind. We want to help you maintain a cleaner, healthier classroom with a multi-function sanitizing station.

About the size of a small shoebox, the multi-function sanitizing station kills microorganisms (including bacteria and viruses) in just 59 seconds! And has a fast charger on top for your cell phone. Sanitize your whiteboard markers and erasers, hall passes, masks, pens, and cell phones with the touch of a button.

How to get a multi-function sanitizing station:

Teachers apply for UV-C Sanitizer by emailing Nic@ConnectUV.com and tell him how you would use your sanitizing station. You can enter yourself, your whole school, or a teacher you know.

How to give a multi-function sanitizing station to a teacher:

Every time you purchase any UV-C sanitizing product through Connect-UV you will now have an opportunity to donate a multi-function sanitizing station. Normally $49.99, we’ve slashed the price of donated units to just $25! Connect-UV will cover the rest, donate the sanitizing station, and let you know where your donated unit has gone!

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Summer Travel- Where You Can Go, and How To Stay Germ-Free

As the United States starts to open up again, on the top of a lot of peoples’ minds is a well-earned summer vacation. Yes, after more than a year of restrictions and avoidance, many of us are ready to board a plane, stay in a hotel, and spend some time on self-care and relaxation once again.

However, COVID travel restrictions can add a new layer of complexity to our summer vacations. And, now that we are more aware of just how many things are covered in germs, some of us may have additional concerns as we return to traveling.

Connect-UV took the time to research summer travel, to save you time and worry!



Restrictions are changing rapidly based on vaccination rates and active COVID cases. It is best to check restrictions on your desired destination before you book and be familiar with what will be required of you. Unexpected closures of popular tourist destinations can be a big disappointment and one that can be avoided by a little research.

Domestic travel is much easier right now than international travel. There are a lot of amazing destinations within the United States for those longing to explore somewhere new. American territories are excluded from testing requirements for American travelers, making them a great option for families looking to travel somewhere tropical. National Parks and destinations like Disneyworld are also popular for their outside nature and easy ability to distance themselves from other travelers, but you can expect long lines and delays are many of these places as Americans scratch that travel itch. You can use this Travel Planner offered by the CDC to check on restrictions before you travel to another state. Or, you can visit your state’s tourism bureau to learn about exciting travel opportunities close to home.

If an international trip is on your mind, COVID-19 testing is required for everyone entering the United States, even American citizens returning from vacation. Additionally, many countries are closed to travel, require testing prior to arrival, or quarantine after arrival. These restrictions are changing. The EU recently announced that it will be reopening this summer, although when exactly that is happening is not known at the time of writing.

Some countries, like Mexico, Costa Rica and Greece require visitors to fill out a COVID information form before traveling. Other countries, such as Japan and Iceland have travel restrictions for visitors who have been to COVID hot spots. Many countries, such as Australia, are closed for international travel at this time. Some potential destinations, like India and Brazil, currently have widespread COVID infections, and while Americans are not barred from traveling here, the US is advising caution, even for fully vaccinated people, due to the severity of the outbreaks.

This map provided by IATA Travel is a great starting place to identify country travel restrictions.



The CDC currently recommends waiting until you are fully vaccinated before traveling, which means that two weeks have passed since your last COVID vaccine dose. If you are not fully vaccinated, the CDC recommends getting a viral test before you travel, wearing a mask, distancing from others, and testing/quarantining when you return home for the utmost safety.

Most hotel chains have updated cleaning protocols for added protection during COVID, however, some of those protocols are relaxing, and many of them are unable to stay on top of the top sources of germs in hotels, such as elevator buttons and stairwell door handles. A study done in the middle of 2020 found that the average hotel elevator button has 1,477 times more germs than a household bathroom door handle! After selecting your floor, you touch the top of your suitcase, your phone, your key card, the remote to your room’s tv…

Even if you are fully vaccinated for COVID, some of these germs can be harmful. E. coli is commonly found on hotel remotes from previous guests who didn’t wash their hands after using the restroom. Gross! There are also other viruses like influenza, which can be hurled across a hotel room with a sneeze by a previous guest.

The Connect-UV Multi-Function Sanitizing Station is the perfect travel accessory to ensure your key card, remote, phone, and car keys are clean of germs commonly found during travel. I set mine up as soon as I check in, and immediately sanitize my items, then sanitize again upon returning to the room. For those surfaces that don’t fit inside the station, antibacterial wipes on commonly touched surfaces remain a good best practice at check in.



Aside from keeping yourself healthy, COVID can also wreak havoc on your wallet. Travel insurance with COVID-19 are required by some nations, and can be a huge help if your trip is canceled due to illness or outbreak, or if you get ill while abroad. Forbes recently released a guide to the best pandemic travel insurance. You may also want to invest in refundable plane tickets/lodging or to book with companies that make changing travel plans easy. Nerd Wallet’s guide for COVID cancellation and change fees can help you decide who to fly with.



It’s been a long year and a half. We all need and deserve a break. However, unanticipated hurdles and illness can spoil any vacation! Make sure your first post-pandemic vacation is a success with a little extra preparation will allow for better relaxation once you get to your destination.

Scottsdale Businesses Raise $2,500, Collect Toys For Children In Need


On Saturday, Dec 19, three local Scottsdale businesses teamed up for a Holiday Toy Drive to benefit Scottsdale Fire Department’s annual toy and gift collection campaign.

Connect UV, which sells UV light sterilizing products for consumers and businesses, teamed up with spray tan salon Bronzmopoliton and personal trainer Michael Barrett to give away prizes to those who donated to local families and foster children in need.

“The response from the community was amazing,” said 16-year-old Connect UV founder Nic Brown, “A lot of kids will have a brighter holiday thanks to the generosity from the Scottsdale community.”

“I was overwhelmed with the community’s response to our toy drive,” Said Christy George owner or Bronzmopoliton, “It was such an honor to team up with such amazing businesses that share a passion to help make every child’s holiday magical.”

“As a new business owner, I have blessed with an amazing amount of support,” Said Michael Barrett of Body by Barrett, “The toy drive’s success shows how generous Scottsdale is. It made me feel so good to give back and spread the holiday spirit.”

The drive took place at Bronzmopoliton’s location on Frank Lloyd Wright and 101. Scottsdale FD sent a firetruck as part of the event. Donations included sports equipment, bikes, board games and toys. Participants also donated $2,500 to the drive, which will go to purchase gifts and gift cards for the Paiute Neighborhood Center, one of the charities supported by the Scottsdale Fire Department Toy Drive. The first 50 participants received Connect UV face masks, and all participants were entered to win Connect UV products, discounted tanning sessions, and a free personal training session.

For more information on the participating small businesses visit: www.connectuv.com, www.bronzmopolitan.com, Body by Barrett can be followed in Instagram at MichaelBarrett. To learn more about the annual Scottsdale Fire Department Toy Drive and how to donate, visit https://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/fire/fire-news/SFD-toy-drive-underway

Connect-UV Leverages JACS Solutions’ Charging Carts to Help Schools Provide Safer, Sterilized Devices to Students


Connect-UV Leverages JACS Solutions’ Charging Carts to Help Schools Provide Safer, Sterilized Devices to Students

Columbia, MD, October 19, 2020 – Connect-UV, a UV-C technology and charging solutions provider, has partnered with JACS Solutions to bring healthy charging solutions to the nations’ schools and businesses. As a Certified JACS Solutions Partner, Connect-UV will make it easier for schools and businesses to purchase and implement UV-sterilizing charging carts, especially at a time when COVID-19 has made the need to frequently and effectivity sterilize personal and shared devices.

JACS Solutions specializes in working with large-scale enterprise customers and producing thousands of devices for a single customer. Smaller organizations sometimes struggle to meet the necessary order quantity to make their projects feasible and cost-effective. By leveraging JACS’ charging cart solutions, Connect-UV can bring JACS’ innovative charging technology to more people at cost that fits most budgets.

“JACS Solutions is excited to welcome Connect-UV into our partner program,” said Rattana Chhay, JACS’ VP of Operations. “We are impressed with Connect-UV’s expertise in the education vertical and their commitment to providing safe learning environment solutions for students and staff.”

The Connect-UV charging cart solution holds 32 devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even Chromebooks. The built-in UV sterilization feature provides schools and businesses a way to cost-effectively sterilize devices frequently with harmful chemicals. The UV sterilization is just the beginning of the safety features. The charging carts offer electrical surge protection, overload protection, leakage protection, and much more to keep your devices safe. The carts also feature anti-theft doors to make the charging carts the perfect way to securely store devices when not in use.

“We are proud to be a partner with JACS Solutions,” shared Wendy Brown, Connect-UV’s President. “By combining the resources of our two companies, we will be in a strong position to have a positive impact on schools, universities and businesses by providing innovative, custom UV-C light and charging solutions.”

About JACS Solutions
JACS Solutions designs and manufactures custom-built, commercial-grade Android and Windows connected devices, touch displays, and industrial IoT solutions. One million JACS products have been deployed in 55+ countries by leaders in healthcare, transportation, retail, and more. JACS Solutions differentiates itself by providing customized and affordable hardware and device software. Customers gain peace of mind from highly secured, single-purposed devices, and achieve lower cost with long product life cycles. Visit www.jacs-solutions.com.

About Connect-UV
Connect-UV, LLC is a trusted brand providing high-quality, innovative products harnessing the power of UV-C light technology and fast charging solutions. Our mission is to promote a healthier way of staying connected and have a positive impact in the lives of our clients. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, we are a privately held family enterprise with a dedicated specialty focus on education/business solutions as well as direct to consumer products. For more information on our products and services, please visit us at www.connectuv.com.

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