About Us


Nic Brown
Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Connect-UV is the dream of a young entrepreneur looking to make a positive difference in the world. At the age of 14, Nic Brown realized the dependency teens and others have on their devices. It was clear to him that this dependency creates big challenges for his peers to connect with one another without their devices.

At the same time, he was becoming aware of how phones and devices are magnets for germs, bacteria and viruses. And the lack of cleaning was making our treasured phones some of the dirtiest items in our homes!

Nic was determined to solve these problems by utilizing UV light to clean phones while they charged, and by giving people an opportunity to connect without their devices at the same time.

Connect UV was established in 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona with the full support and encouragement of his parents, Wendy and Eddie Brown and his Uncle, Tom Mitchell. 2020 was certainly a year of many challenges with the coronavirus pandemic and our renewed interest in cleanliness and stopping the transmission of germs. The hope and dream of our family is to do what we can to have a positive impact in helping others.

We hope you enjoy our quality products with a full commitment to your complete satisfaction.


Wendy Brown
President, CEO

Wendy is the co-founder and the President/CEO of Connect-UV. She always encouraged and supported the entrepreneurial spirit of her son, Nic, since a very young age. This was her inspiration to start the family business with Nic and help fulfill his dreams while having a positive impact.

For more than 15 years, Wendy had a very successful career in mortgage banking with both family-owned businesses and other banking institutions. In addition to her banking career, she received her college education concentratIng on legal services.

Wendy is loving mother of Nic, age 17 and Haley, age 23, who is attending the University of Arizona. She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Eddie and rock star puppies, Axlë and Jägger.


Tom Mitchell
Executive Director, Strategy & Business Development

Tom is the Executive Director, Strategy and Business Development. He heads up overall business strategy and product partner relationships. He also leads education and business solutions. Tom brings more than three decades of business development and financial services experience to the Connect UV team.

Tom has been fortunate in his career to work and learn from very successful entrepreneurs. This inspired Tom to pursue the entrepreneurial path with family and establish Connect UV as the leader in UV-C sterilization. As Nic’s uncle, he is enthusiastic about helping his nephew’s business grow and thrive.


Jonny Mitchell
National Sales Executive

Jonny is a National Sales Executive with direct responsibilities for providing individual, education and business UV-C product solutions. With great sales and leadership experience in solar and smart home products, he understands the importance of using technology to promote public health and safety. Jonny has a passion to educate others on how to safely control their environment with technology providing a peace of mind to their families.
Jonny is completing his undergraduate degree at the College of Business at Florida State University. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Jonny shares the same family vision for Connect-UV and the positive impact it can have for generations to come.
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