Multi-Function UV-C Light Sanitizing Station

$49.99  $59.99

  • UV-C light sanitizes & kills up to 99.9% of germs/bacteria
  • Wireless fast charging 15 Watt power *QC 3.0 charging adapter included* ($9.99 value)
  • Built in Essential Oil Diffuser *1ml lavender essential oil included*
  • Multi-functioning & spacious station w/dual UV-C lights to quickly sanitize *cell phone*face masks*keys*sunglasses*make-up brushes*everyday items*
  • Free Express Shipping within U.S.

**30 day "Connect-UV NO SWEAT" return policy**


With a sleek and clean design, the Multi-Function UV-C Light Sanitizing Station is a must have for any home. Providing fast wireless charging on the top of the unit combined with a spacious interior built with dual UV-C light technology. You can sanitize cell phones, masks and other everyday items in as little as 59 seconds. The built-in aroma diffuser with sample natural oil allows you to relax and digitally detox as your items are being sanitized. The Multi-Function UV-C Lights Sanitizing Station allows you to clean, charge and connect with others in a a safe and healthy way.

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