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How dirty is your Phone?

Does uv-c Light Really work?

Get all your questions answered below!

Get all of your questions answered below!

UV-C ChargerThere is very high energy in the short wavelength UV-C light that can kill germs. There are different wavelengths of UV light, but only the short wavelength of UV-C light is capable of destroying microorganisms. In fact it can kill up to 99% of germs. UV-C light is generated naturally by the sun, but the ozone layer around the earth blocks most of its rays. However, UV-C light technonolgy enables us to generate these germ killing UV-C rays here on earth.

UV-C wavelengths are between 200-300 nanometers, which is germicidal. These wavelengths are capable of destroying microorganisms such as germs, viruses and bacteria by damaging their cells.

The high energy from short wavelength UV-C light is absorbed in the cellular RNA and DNA of microorganisms, damaging the nucleic acids and preventing the microorganisms from infecting and replicating.

While studies have shown that short exposure to UV-C light doesn't harm people, Connect UV devices are not designed to be used on skin or eyes.

UV-C light can cause temporary discomfort and what can be described as a sunburn on corneas. While this discomfort should resolve on its own within a few days, we recommend that all UV light devices be kept away from eyes and children.

Yes. You can sanitize any item that can fit into the sanitizer including glasses, masks, keys, jewelry, watches, and more.

Connect UV's devices are designed to destroy germs on common personal items, and should not be used to disinfect skin or eyes.

It will charge phones with wireless charging such as iPhone 8 or higher Samsung phones.

Some cases can impact wireless chargers. A thin case should not.

The Multi-Function Sanitizing Station can sanitize in as little as five minutes, while the Sanitizing Wireless Charger has two settings for 15 and 25 minutes.

Pop sockets can impact charging capabilities.

No, you can leave your case on.

The charger is 10 watts.

Yes, due to the open nature of the Connect-UV charger, you should be able to hear notifications.


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