UV-C Sanitation in Professional and Education Settings

Sanitation skyrocketed under the Covid pandemic, but many stores are returning to pre-Covid cleaning procedures.

As the world returns to normal after the pandemic, sanitation and cleanliness are top of mind for those who matter to you most: your employees, families, students, customers, and participants. UV-C sanitation and charging solutions give you and your stakeholders the peace of mind of knowing that the air they breathe and the items they handle are germ-free.

Thanks to increased sanitation and face masks, infectious diseases like influenza saw a drastic decrease during the pandemic. In fact, there was so little flu transmission during the pandemic, that two flu strains may have been eradicated for good!

We know that regular surface cleaning and air purification reduce the spread of many illnesses including colds, flus, and measles. However, this cleaning can come at huge labor and supply costs. Additionally, many traditional cleaning agents can expose janitorial staff to additional health risks from skin damage to even increased cancer risk.

Benefits include:

  • Passive cleaning with minimal staff involvement
  • Destroys microorganisms in the air and on surfaces
  • No sprays, man-made chemicals, or lingering scents
  • Solutions can provide storage and charging while sanitizing
  • LED lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting

How UV-C Works:

Like UV-A and UV-B, UV-C is a naturally occurring light wave created by the sun, however, it does not make it through our atmosphere.  Just as UV-A and UV-B can damage cells and sterilize, so does UV-C, but UV-C is much more effective at doing so due to its shorter wavelength.

UV-C is a short wavelength light between 200-300 nanometers, and it is this wavelength that makes it germicidal. The high energy from the wavelengths are absorbed by cellular RNA and DNA in microorganisms, preventing the organism from infecting or replicating.

How UV-C Can Help Your School or Business:

  1. Reduce illness: Removing potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi from the air and surfaces can help prevent the spread of seasonal illnesses like colds and flu.
  2. Better air quality: according to the EPA, indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air due to the lack of circulation of new air into the spaces. Depending on what the pollution is (pollen, mold, dust, smoke, etc) bad air can cause everything from headaches and eye irritation to asthma attacks and respiratory diseases. HEPA filtration paired with UV-C can help eliminate these pollutants.
  3. Peace of mind: show your customers and students that you care by providing them opportunities to sanitize their devices, or by showing them how you are keeping your devices and air clean with UV-C
  4. Protect cleaning staff: prolonged exposure to some of the chemicals found in cleaning products can cause lifelong afflictions. UV-C can help cut down on the use of toxic chemicals. Passive UV-C sanitation ensures that janitorial staff is never inadvertently exposed to the UV-C lights.

Is UV-C Sanitation Safe?

Connect-UV’s products come with safety systems to ensure that staff, students, and customers are not inadvertently exposed to the UV-C lights. These safeguards include: auto-shutoff of UV-C lights off when doors are opened (multi-function sanitizing station, UV-C charging cart, UV-C charging locker), auto shut-off of UV-C lights when motion is detected (room sanitizers), remote operation and timers (room sanitizers), and glass to shield the user from the UV-C radiation (UV-C charging cart and UV-C charging locker). Designed for schools, our UV-C charging carts also include locking casters, a locking door, and surge protection, keeping your electronics safe from theft or electric surge.


Working with Connect-UV

Connect-UV is committed to being the one-stop shop for UV-C-sanitizing products for homes, schools, and businesses. We offer bulk pricing on all of our products, and customization to our UV-C charging lockers and UV-C charging carts. Wrap your UV-C sanitizing devices with your brand, change the number of bays in charging carts to best fit your electronics, whatever your needs, Connect-UV is ready to work with you to find solutions that work. Contact us to get started on your custom quote.

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