Using Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) funding to provide clean air.

As schools continue to operate in person during the ongoing COVID pandemic, public and private schools have access to grant money to assist them with COVID response and relief. These programs can be difficult to navigate, but also provide big windfalls to help schools keep students and staff safe.

EANS is a $2.75 billion dollar pot designed to help private schools retrofit. Of that, Arizona will receive $110 million to provide to non-public schools to support COVID-19 recovery efforts.

What activities are eligible for EANS funding?

EANS is to help provide supplies to sanitize, disinfect, and clean school facilities, PPE, portable air purification system, physical barriers to facilitate social distances, COVID testing support, and other materials, supplies or equipment recommended by the CDC.

EANS I funding provided coverage for all eligible charges related to COVID safety, testing and mitigation measures from March 2020-Sept 2021. The second phase, EANS II funding still covers reimbursement for the amended eligible charges and provides funding for planned COVID related spending through Sept 2023, or when funding is exhausted. Some activities that were covered under EANS I are no longer covered.

“In the first round of EANS funding, private schools could use the funding for capital improvements such as ventilation system upgrades or even replacing windows.” Says Tom Mitchell, “These improvements are no longer supported. Private schools may be in for a shock if they submit for reimbursement without educating themselves on the criteria. Working with a vendor who is informed on EANS II funding, such as Connect-UV, can help make the process simpler.”

How can Connect-UV Help My School?

Connect-UV provides two lines of EANS-funding eligible products: UV-C air purifiers and UV-C room disinfectors. These products can:

  • Destroy the COVID virus
  • Reduce allergies
  • Protect staff and students from other airborne contaminants
  • Cut down on cleaning time
  • Reduce use of toxic/corrosive cleaning chemicals
  • Be an attractive selling point to current and potential families


Connect-UV’s air purifiers combine trusted HEPA filtration with UV-C sterilization. Our purifiers capture and kill the COVID virus, ensuring that no potentially dangerous particles are released into the air during filter changes, or after the purifier is turned off. Our air purifiers are attractive to schools as they are:

  1. Available in three sizes, saving costs and electricity
  2. Portability allows units to be moved to spaces where they are needed
  3. In addition to filtering COVID, purification systems also reduce dust, mold, pollen, smoke, and other sources of indoor air pollution

Our air purifiers also come in three sizes useful for private schools:

  1. Auto Air is a mobile air purifier perfect for school transportation vehicles
  2. Air Purifier Pro 500 purifies up to 557sq ft, making it ideal for classrooms
  3. Air Purifier Pro 5000 purifies up to 5,000 sq ft, making it ideal for gymnasiums, cafeterias and auditoriums, spaces were masking and distancing is often difficult to maintain.

Sanitation and disinfecting are other areas where Connect-UV can assist private schools. Janitorial staff have been among the unsung heroes of the pandemic. Working double time to keep facilities clean for students and staff, and exposing themselves to corrosive chemicals, and possibly contaminated surfaces in the process. Sanitizing more quickly and more safely can make janitorial staff more efficient and reduce their exposure.

Passive room sanitizers work by emitting powerful, germ-killing UV-C light in empty rooms. How they work:

  1. Janitorial staff set up a room sanitizer and leave
  2. The unit is activated either by a timer or a remote control
  3. The UV-C lights destroy any microorganisms within the light’s reach
  4. When done, or interrupted by movement, the lights shut off, so they can be safely moved to the next space

With passive room sanitizers, janitorial staff can sanitize rooms before they clean, or can move them around campus on recess/lunch breaks or other time when spaces are empty. The sanitizers kill germs in the air and on surfaces up to 10 feet from the units, making them ideal for classrooms.

How to Apply for EANs funding?

Connect-UV is here to assist with the registration in the Arizona EANs portal, and submission of invoices for reimbursement. Our experience with providing EANS-eligible items to Arizona private schools makes us versed in the process of ensuring you are reimbursed for your Connect-UV purchases.

Have questions on how Connect-UV and EANs can benefit your private school? Contact Tom at

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