Calling all teachers- we want to give your classroom a multi-function sanitizing station

We cannot thank teachers enough for all that they do for our kids. As another pandemic-age school year begins, your safety and the safety of your students is top of our mind. We want to help you maintain a cleaner, healthier classroom with a multi-function sanitizing station.

About the size of a small shoebox, the multi-function sanitizing station kills microorganisms (including bacteria and viruses) in just 59 seconds! And has a fast charger on top for your cell phone. Sanitize your whiteboard markers and erasers, hall passes, masks, pens, and cell phones with the touch of a button.

How to get a multi-function sanitizing station:

Teachers apply for UV-C Sanitizer by emailing and tell him how you would use your sanitizing station. You can enter yourself, your whole school, or a teacher you know.

How to give a multi-function sanitizing station to a teacher:

Every time you purchase any UV-C sanitizing product through Connect-UV you will now have an opportunity to donate a multi-function sanitizing station. Normally $49.99, we’ve slashed the price of donated units to just $25! Connect-UV will cover the rest, donate the sanitizing station, and let you know where your donated unit has gone!

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