Connect UV Donates Three UV-C Sterilizing Charging Carts to Notre Dame Preparatory High School

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. March 2, 2021 – If COVID has taught us anything this last year, it is just how many germs are around us. Teen entrepreneur Nic Brown, a junior at Notre Dame Prep in Scottsdale, thought there had to be a way to keep personal devices clean without harmful chemicals. His solution—powerful microbe killing UV-C light.

“I first discovered UV-C light when I was researching cleaning methods for my car detailing company,” said Brown, “When COVID hit, I realized that I was in a position to help solve the problem of harmful germs on every day items. And Connect-UV was born.”

The concept behind Connect-UV is for people to connect, clean and charge. “While mobile devices are stored in Connect-UV sterilizing charging carts, my hope is that people will connect with each other instead of staring at the phones, and their phones will get sanitized and charged at the same time,” Brown said. In addition to cell phones and tablets, the units will sanitize other items such as keys, masks, and glasses.

Brown donated three industrial UV-C sanitizing carts and 12 desktop units to his school on Feb. 24, which just happened to be his 17th birthday. 

“What a great testimony to the faith of our school, that Nic would give back to Notre Dame Prep on his birthday,” said Lisa Johnston, NDP finance director. “We also encourage our students to be innovative thinkers and leaders. We are very proud of Nic’s entrepreneurial spirit and our ability to share his hard work with others,” she added.

Notre Dame Prep has taken many safety measures to remain open for in-person learning since Sept. 8, 2020. “We are committed to keeping our staff and students safe during and after the COVID pandemic,” Johnston said. “Nic’s generous gift provides us with another means for reducing the spread of viruses.”

Connect-UV sells products ranging from sanitizing lamps and boxes for home use, to large charging lockers and carts for school and business use. The company’s mission is to allow people to charge, clean and connect safely and easily. “I’ve always been inspired by great entrepreneurs,” he said. “I’m always thinking of the next thing.”

UV-C light is naturally occurring shortwave light created by the sun that is filtered by the atmosphere before it can reach the earth. According to the FDA, this powerful light destroys the DNA in microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria, rendering the agents unable to reproduce or infect. For more information about Connect-UV, visit