Horizons PBS interview Connect UV

Connect-UV Founder Nic Brown on Arizona Horizon

Ted Simons of Arizona Horizon, took time this week to talk to Nic Brown about his company Connect-UV. Nic was inspired by seeing charging stations at Nordstrom years ago. He thought then that there is a market for solutions that charged and sanitized at the same time. After his donation to Notre Dame Prep, PBS wanted to talk to Nic about his idea and his company.

You can watch the full Arizona Horizon interview here.

Nic Brown is a junior at Notre Dame Prep. He noticed how iPhones, tablets and other personal devices were magnets for dirt and germs. Nic thought there had to be a way to keep personal devices clean but without harmful chemicals. His solution was to use UV-C light, a powerful microbe killer. We spoke with Nic about his “Connect UV” concept. 

After learning about how to sanitize using ultra-violet light, Brown’s thoughts went to how the concept could help in combatting COVID-19.

Although sanitizing with UV-C light has been around for years, Brown’s concept helps with personal items. The company, Connect UV, offers two products with UV-C light. One is a sanitizing wireless charger that can sanitize your phone in less than 15 minutes. The other product is catered more to other personal devices like a mask or wallet. According to Brown, he suggests using the device at least every day.

Brown thought of the idea about three years ago. When the pandemic began, the idea was brought to life after realizing everyone was now more conscious of the germs around them.

“We used the pandemic as leverage and that’s how we’ve grown so big today,” Brown said.