nic brown on try it with tess on good morning arizona

Good Morning Arizona Features Connect-UV Charging Carts

Good Morning Arizona on AZ Family Channel 3 recently interviewed Connect-UV Founder Nic Brown on his UV-C company. Tess Rafols “Try It With Tess” interviewed Nic about what it is like to be a teen entrepreneur and his donation of three Connect-UV Charging Carts to his high school.

nic brown on try it with tess on good morning arizona

“When the pandemic hit we all became so uncomfortably aware of just how dirty everything is, in particular our phones.” Nic shared with Tess.

Long before the pandemic, Nic realized that ultra-violet light, particularly UV-C could be used to clean everyday items. When he started his first company, Dr. Shine My Ride, at the age of 13, Nic was looking for new, nontoxic ways to sanitize vehicle interiors. At that point in time, he learned about UV-C, however, the technology was not readily available for applications such as cellphone or vehicle interior sanitation. Instead, Nic chose to sanitize interiors with chemical-free steam.

Later, Nic saw a cell phone charging station at a Nordstrom and it was as if a UV-light bulb went off. What a perfect application for his idea!

“You should be able to clean your phone while it charges, it just makes sense.”

cell phone holder for classroomAs a junior at Notre Dame Prep, Nic knows how connected teens (and everyone else) is with our devices. As part of his everyday routine, Nic drops his phone into a holder upon entering a classroom. This holder (like the one pictured to the left) helps students pay attention in class. Nic also saw this as an excellent opportunity to reduce germs in the classroom.

“I was putting my germ-covered phone in a pocket that had another student’s germ-covered phone in it before me, and so on and so on. It just didn’t seem sanitary or safe.” Nic says.

Nic’s solution is simple and accessible for schools across the United States. The Connect-UV charging carts accomplish the need to separate phones from kids during class, while also providing a concentrated dose of UV-C to kill harmful germs and bacteria on devices. The carts can also be used for tablets, laptops, battery packs, keyboards, pagers used at restaurants, or a variety of other devices that are frequently touched. The short-wavelength UV-C can kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria in as little as five minutes. All chemical-free.

“As a Junior at Notre Dame Prep, I am super fortunate to attend such a great school. I wanted to give back by donating three of our commercial-grade charging carts as well as 50 of our multi-function sanitizing stations to teachers and faculty to help them reopen safely.”

The multi-function sanitizing stations are small enough for home use. They can hold items such as cell phones, masks, keys, and sunglasses, sanitizing these items in as little as 60 seconds!

You can watch Nic’s interview with Tess Rafols here.

Learn more about Connect-UV’s UV-C Sanitizing Charging Carts. Or connect Tom Mitchell at for a custom quote for your business or school’s needs.